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Jerry Caron was born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts, and lived in Connecticut for 30 years.  He graduated as a graphic artist in 1963 from The Vesper George School of Art in
Boston, Massachusetts.  Prentice-Hall Publishing employed Mr. Caron until 1976
when he decided to pursue a full-time career in fine art.  He then studied privately with
several nationally know artists that included Harvey Dinnerstein, David Leffel, Aaron Shikler. He studied at the Art Students League in New York under Morton Kaisch.

For 17 years Mr. Caron was a member of the faculty of the Lyme College of Fine Art, in
Old Lyme, Connecticut teaching, Drawing, Perspective, Composition, and Design, Landscape
Painting in Watercolor and Oil, Still Life Painting, as well as Advanced Landscape Painting.
He served both as faculty adviser on the Board of Trustees, and Dean of Students for the
Lyme College of Fine Art.  In addition, Mr. Caron has lectured and taught painting at numerous art organizations including the Lyman Allyn Museum, New London, Connecticut.

Mr. Caron’s work has been featured on the cover of Yankee magazine and his illustrations
have appeared in the Time magazine almanac, Backpacker magazine, and a children’s en-
cyclopedia published by MrGraw-Hill.  In 1986-87 Mr. Caron appeared in 26 television
programs produced by Storer Cable of Connecticut.  The programs were Watercolor land-
scape demonstrations.  For four years Mr. Caron taught on site paintings workshops in Watercolor and Oil in Booth Bay Harbor, Maine, and has taught and lectured, judged and juried art shows throughout New England.

Mr. Caron has been an artist member of the New England Watercolor Society, The
Providence Watercolor Club, The Copley Society of Boston, The Hudson Valley Art
Association, Salmagundi Club, NY, and the Artists Fellowship, NY.

His work has been exhibited in national shows and over 30 one person shows since 1976, and
was selected to hang in the Connecticut Governors mansion.   He was commissioned to do a
life size portrait of retired U.S. Representative Sam Gibbons of Florida.  The portrait is scheduled to hang in the Ways and Means Committee room of the U.S. Capitol.  Copies of the portrait will be hung at the new, twenty six story, Sam Gibbons Federal Court House in Tampa, Florida and  the University of Southern Florida. 

Mr. Caron  lives and works in Connecticut and has recently been on painting trips to Ireland, New Mexico, and Canada.

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