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Realist painter John Falato has won numerous awards for the stunning detail in his vividly-rendered landscape paintings depicting such timeless subjects as country farms, rowboats along the shoreline and autumn trees ablaze in color. Such awards include the Mervin Honig Memorial Award from Allied Artists of America (1990); the National Academy of the Arts Award for Excellence in the Art for the Parks Competition of 1991; and the A.E. Labutis Klue Award from the American Artists Professional League (1997). From 1983-1990, Falato’s work was shown at Grand Central Galleries in New York City.

A Connecticut resident, John Falato has coupled his career as a painter with that of a Fine Arts professor, having taught at the following institutions: Silvermine College of Art, Greens Farms Academy, and Paier College of Art. He received his own instruction in Fine Arts from Paier College of Art and the University of Hartford (B.F.A.). Falato’s painting Weir Farm (Award of Merit Winner, National Academy of the Arts) was featured in the 2000 publication Arts for the Parks (North Light Books). His work has also appeared in Yankee Magazine (1986).

Paier College of Art, 1963
B.F.A University of Hartford, Conn.
1990    Mervin Honig Memorial Award from Allied Artists of America
1991    Award of Excellence in Art for the Parks
1997    A.E. Labutis Klue Award from the American Artists Professional League
2000    National Academy of the Arts, Award of Merit
1985-present    Paier College of Art, Inc.
1970-1982    Greens Farms Academy
1968-1970    Silvermine College of Art
2005    "Country Life," Fischbach Gallery, New York
2004    Recent Works, Cavalier Galleries, New York
1993    Marmon-Meek Gallery, Naples FL
Yale University
Norton’s College, Hanover NH
University of Hartford, CT
Blewett-Harrison-Lee Museum, MS
New Haven Paint and Clay Club, CT
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