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Artist Bio

Jamie Orr is an abstract expressionist artist, born in Ridgewood, New Jersey. After graduating with a double major in Psychology and Visual Arts, she pursued a career as a teacher of children with autism. Jamie currently lives in New York City and continues to develop her passion for art. Rich color and texture combinations are the defining hallmarks of Jamie’s work.

Artist Statement

I create abstract expressionist paintings that are color and texture based. My work is largely inspired by nature. I am drawn to the noticeably beautiful parts of the world, but what really interests me are the intricacies. A mountain from a distance is breathtaking, but the way the light softens the jagged exterior of one individual rock is much more intriguing to me. The act of painting is a meditative process. When I begin a piece, often times I have no idea where it will end up. Abstract work is freeing in this way. When you let go of fixating on an outcome, you give yourself permission to become immersed in the present moment.

The non-representational nature of my work allows the viewer to have a personal experience when looking at it. In today’s world, we are programmed to move and think quickly, solve problems, and plan for the future. We are often so busy rushing from place to place, that we don’t notice the beauty around us. I create abstract expressionist art for this reason. If viewing my work causes someone to stop just long enough to smile, be present, and experience a sense of beauty, then it has served its purpose.

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