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Susan Fehlinger had to be content to be as an occasional painter during her 30+-year career as a Television Producer in New York City. While living in New York she attended art classes at The School of Visual Arts, and plein aire painting workshops on Cape Cod, New Hampshire and Maine, but for the most part she is a self-taught artist.

In 2003 she moved to Cape Cod and began painting more seriously. She discovered the palette knife and started painting large still life’s in oil-- “It was a great starting point. I loved playing with color, texture, shapes and shadows and I loved the freedom of working on large canvases with oil paint and a palette knife.” That original series, “Fresh Produce”, represented the first body of work from this emerging artist and she had a solo show at The Giving Tree Gallery on Cape Cod. She joined the Chatham Art Gallery in 2007 and was also represented by Sheldon Fine Arts in Newport RI and Saratoga Springs NY, as well as True North Gallery in Kennebunkport ME. She had solo shows at The Cultural Center of Cape Cod and The Cahoon Museum of American Art. She is an artist member of The Cape Cod Art Association and the Plymouth Art Guild and has won awards at both.

She has recently relocated to Connecticut and branched out to other themes such as coastal landscapes, architecture, marshes and barns, defining her artwork as colorful and bold, using lots of texture. Fehlinger’s paintings depict familiar, yet abstracted settings or themes. “I love capturing familiar every day images and painting them larger than life.” Her painting style emphasizes her interest in texture, color and light; and she applies neutral or earth tones thickly with a palette knife to highlight structure, form and shadow. Her compositions play with scale, placement and negative and positive spaces, creating visual interest and an individual style.

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