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Daniel is a graduate of the Paier College of Art where he studied classical painting under noted artists such as Ken Davies, Rudolph Zallinger, Robert  Zappalorti, and Paul Lipp. During the course of his  successful twenty year career in the arts he has completed commissions from the National Park Service, The Bruce Museum, The Stamford Hospital, The Maritime Aquarium of Norwalk and produced numerous illustrations for his commercial clients. He has been twice awarded first place honors by the New England Museum Association for his work in museum exhibit design. Daniel’s recent gallery work is a return to his first love, traditional realism, enlivened by his modern approach bringing fresh air and light into his paintings.

Artist’s Statement  

Art is a shared experience between the artist and the viewer. The artist creates a work to communicate with himself and the world, to say something but also
to pose questions. The viewer then reacts and expands the dialogue, perhaps in directions never anticipated. Art grows exponentially with the number of people who react to it. By manipulating line, value, color,texture and shape on a flat surface to create the illusion of three dimensions, I hope to awaken a sense of wonder in the viewer, opening them to their own creative nature and the beauty of the world we share.

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