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Jean McQuillan started drawing and painting at an early age. She studied Art and Advertising at Green Mountain Junior College in Vermont and worked as a commercial artist after graduation before deciding to devote her full time to fine art. Her specialty now is watercolor. She has taken classes with Jack Flynn and workshops with Don Andrews, Skip Lawrence and Nita Engle. 

Jean’s subjects include landscapes, flowers and interiors with emphasis on light and shadows reflective of New England. “Whether traveling on a country road or sitting in a sunny room I am constantly aware of the light and shadows on every scene or subject I see.”

In addition to printing her own limited editions, Jean’s work as been selected for several published unlimited prints. She is also a free-lance greeting card designer. Each year, Jean participates in art festivals from Portland, Maine to Williamsburg, Virginia.

Mrs. McQuillan’s work has been exhibited extensively in the Northeast where she is represented in numerous private and corporate collections and has received many awards. Memberships include the Connecticut Watercolor Society and several art associations. 

In 2010 Jean was invited by the New Britain Museum of Art to place a painting  in their permanent collection. This painting was also part of the Museum’s “Great American Watercolor Show,” April/June 2010.

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